How does the signal mast with integrated fall protection work?

Platforms can be set up on both sides at the height of the signalling equipment. Maintenance personnel place the ladders in the working position and ascend safely to the platform from the ground with a harness mechanism follower, allowing completely safe maintenance work to be performed at this position. 

The signal mast complete with fall protection means completely safe maintenance can be undertaken at any point. The ladder is accessed if required using a security lock and is equipped with an integrated rail with runner that locks in the event of falling. This eliminates the need for an aerial platform and the track closures this entails.

The fall protection can be retrofitted onto existing signal masts without mechanical adaptations.

Nothing overlooked.

The ladders are connected permanently to the signal mast or via a clamped connection. In their basic position, the ladders do not protrude into the minimum clearance outline of trains and are also protected against intrusion by unauthorised persons.