with integrated fall protection

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Safety & efficiency
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Reinhard Biedermann


Arno Sorger


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Patented system for maximum safety and rapid, cost-saving maintenance of railway signals.

Visual signals on masts along railway tracks give important instructions to train crew. Speed and precision are essential when it comes to maintenance, yet to date, this has been labour-intensive and fraught with danger.

We have developed a system that ensures rapid, safe maintenance and fault repair.

No dangerous acrobatics, just innovative technology

A new innovative signal mast revolutionises maintenance work. The patented mast with integrated fall protection ensures complete safety and efficiency. The innovative climbing system guarantees short response times and the efficient completion of assigned work. Maintenance can be performed at any time without an aerial platform and without requiring additional climbing aids.


No more long maintenance periods or coswtly track closures. Dangerous acrobatics on the signal mast are a thing of the past.